Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Not so healthy.

When I was out of the shop yesterday my mum very kindly looked after it for me. She usually meets her friend on a Tuesday, so for a change her friend came out to the shop and they had their coffee and chat here.

I came in this morning and there was a note on the counter from my mum letting me know that the rest of the biscuits from yesterday were in a bag in a drawer. My mum knows that I am trying very had to be healthy and not eat sweets and biscuits in the run up to our holiday, so her leaving these here is just plain mean!

Needless to say so far today I have had 3 of the biscuits and they are beginning to call my name again! The only thing is they are Custard Creams - I don't like Custard Creams, but I am eating them anyway!!!!!!


Erica said...

I haven't ever had a custard cream, but it sounds delicious. I love custard-y desserts.

I tagged you for an "I Love Your Blog" award, as well!

workthatwardrobe said...

I ate two chocolate biscuits at our coffee break yesterday and I don't normally eat biscuits or even like them.
But tomorrow is a new day!