Tuesday, 21 October 2008


My outfit is so grey today - I kind of feel that way too. Again I did not sleep too well, then when I got up (eventually) this morning it stayed dark until 8am. The weather here is cold and dark, today the high has to be 46 - and I am feeling it. At the moment it is raining, the kind that is falling side ways so no matter what you do you get soaked to the skin.

Anyway, enough about the weather here in Scotland, the jumper dress that I have on today has been in a pile for eBay for a few weeks. The last time I wore it I was carrying a bit more weight and the look was not very smooth. I thought I would give it one last try this morning and I am happier this time around. But, I think my cream boots would have worked a little better than the grey. I think there is just too much grey going on.

This evening I am going out walking with my friend. We are trying to keep our walking up no matter what the weather is, that way we hope we will keep it up all winter. Winter is not even here yet and already I feel tired and sluggish. I am going to plan lunches and dinners to keep us going over the next few weeks, hopefully this will keep me on the healthier eating track. Any good recipes that feature lots of vegetables would be great!

Today's outfit is:

Grey & Cream jumper dress - American Eagle
Grey vest - Tesco
Grey Leggings - Vila
Grey boots - Topshop
Grey long cardigan - Blendshe
Turquoise necklace - Primark


Anonymous said...

I really like the jumper dress and agree that the cream boots would look really good with it.

Boutique Girl said...

Thank you - next time I am definitely going to pair it with the cream boots!

SHOEGAL said...

Love the boots but I'd like to see it with the cream ones too.

Thanks for the award, in return I have awarded you an Honest Blogger Award! See my blog post for details.

Anonymous said...

You look so cozy and cute!