Thursday, 23 October 2008

The little things make me happy!

You know the kind? Like having heating that works in your shop!!!! Yeah, I have heating, after more than a year of no heat (other than my plug in mini heaters = no heat) an engineer was out yesterday and fixed the boiler.
I say he fixed the boiler - it turns out it was not broken. The plug on the boiler needed a 5 amp fuse!

I have to say that makes it a little harder to swallow the fact that all last winter I HAD to dress like the Michelin Man. Seriously the windows frosted on the inside and I could see my breath!!

Even though I do now have heat I am quite scared about what it will cost to heat this place - so my plan is to have it on for a few hours in the morning and for an hour or so in the early afternoon.
I really love my scarves and cardigans, and I am used to making them part of all of my outfits, so I will be continuing to wear them.

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