Thursday, 16 October 2008


Catch up time!!!!

Oh, I think I had forgotten to mention that I had a haircut at the weekend - I am loving it, it is so quick and easy!!

My bf is away working this week again and he left very early on Monday morning. I wakened with his alarm (hours before my own) and did not sleep well afterwards. This of course meant that I was very slow and sluggish in getting up and dressed. So I went for the easy option of wearing what I had worn the day before. This is not as bad as it sounds I only wore the dress for about 5 hours - in the morning I did chores in my PJ's, we then went to Edinburgh to see bf's baby nephew and I had a shower and put clean PJ's on when we got home!

Monday's outfit was:

Purple jersey dress - Papaya
Black leggings - Primark
Black riding boots - Bakers
Silver, purple & black necklace - Bakers

As I said before I was in Manchester on Tuesday (no picture) and I forgot my camera on Wednesday (again no picture) so I am sorry to say that this could possibly be the worst ever catch up post!!!!

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