Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Erin at Work with what you have got has inspired me to try out knee/over the knee socks with boots. So, I bought myself a pair and I decided to wear them today. I have to say that me feet are nice and warm on this very cold day! Other than that not too sure about the look!

This is the second pair of the SkunkFunk tights that I took for myself and I am very happy with them. I think the colour is good with the grey dress!

Today's outfit is:

Grey dress - Forever 21
Black cami - Primark
Purple tights - SkunkFunk
Grey knee socks - eBay
Black riding boots - Bakers
Black & purple necklace - Bakers

A closer picture of the socks/tights combo! I hate my knees, so this took a lot to put this picture up!


Work With What You've Got said...

Love the purple and grey!~

Anonymous said...

Love you're blog! I am funny about my knees too, but last winter (I'm in Australia!) I did the tights and socks, but stuck with lighter socks on darker tights.