Thursday, 2 October 2008


OK, I know that it is only the second day of October, but I will be putting the Christmas decorations up (in the shop) this time next month!

What I busy morning I have had, I had set today aside to decorate the shop and the window display for Halloween. As always happens I got all of things out of the window, got myself into the window to give it a good clean when I get a customer (I am not complaining about the customer - just the timing). So, out I get trying to clear away as much as I can. I help the customer, wrap her sale, thank her etc, etc.
I climb back up into the window to start again, this time I get a bit further with the project before a delivery man comes in with boxes that I need to sign for!!
By this point the shop is a huge mess and I really just have to try and stack the boxes out of the way and get on with what I had started.

I did eventually get there with the window and I got all of the new styles unpacked and out for sale. That is the first of the very sparkly Christmas styles in!!

I have taken pictures of my creation - a lot of them are not to great due to the reflection on the glass!

I have put masks on all of the mannequins, there is a skeleton, dracula and frankenstein!

Not a great picture due to the reflection of the glass.

My bf and I made this last night, it was great fun, very messy (there was lots of glitter and glue used) and it took us ages!!
My Pumpkin tea-light holders! I love them! I got them in the Charity shop along the street, they are brand new and were £1.99 each!


Allie said...

It looks great!!!

Anonymous said...

your shop looks so cute! what a fun job it sounds like you have!

Stacy said...

Looks fantastic!

Boutique Girl said...

Thank you! I feel like I would honestly try anything to grab peoples attention! If they stop to look at what I have done, they may see a top or dress that they like and come in and shop with me!

Giovanna said...

Great creation..! Fantastic Halloween stuff.