Wednesday, 15 October 2008


I am very, very sorry for the lack of posting so far this week. I did intend to set things right today, but I changed bags yesterday and my camera is at home in the other bag!

Monday, simply there was no time to blog, the shop was busy all day. It is the mid term holidays here, so the kids are off school for a week. I am glad that I am busy as most people tend to head off on holiday, but having kids in the shop makes my job harder. A lot of mums go into the shopping zone and forget that they have their little darlings with them. I then have to give outfit guidance and assistance as well as watching where little fingers are going.
My window and its display attracts children - it is not always easy to ask a child to not do something when mummy is around, well without offending anyone!

Tuesday, I was in Manchester doing some buying from my Vila agent. It was a very long day, the weather was rubbish (I got soaked twice) and it was a fight for a seat on the train home! However, I was a little early for my appointment so I popped to H&M (the one near us is not great) and got 2 great tops. One in my new favorite colour ORANGE!!

I will (I promise) post outfit pictures for this week tomorrow when I have my camera!

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Stacy said...

It is hard to politely tell the kids to stop touching without potentially offending mom....