Monday, 27 October 2008

Weekend - Recap.

As I mentioned last week I was off for 2 whole days this weekend - it was fabulous.
We started off on Friday night when we headed out for a walk after dinner. We decided to walk round past my bf's sister's house to drop off Lego toys (a newspaper is giving away FREE Lego toys for 14 days) to my bf's young nephew. But, we got there got comfortable had a glass or two of wine and did not carry on with the walk!
It was a lovely night, we were not too late home and we did walk back home in the gale force winds!

On Saturday morning we had a bit of a lie in, but not much (9am) we grabbed a quick breakfast before I did some household chores and my bf went into work for a few hours, the weather was very, very bad so we were happy to get these jobs out of the way. My morning was spent changing the bedding, cleaning the kitchen and doing some hoovering! I also took a walk to the shops to pick up some bits that I needed for lunch and to collect that days Lego toy!
For lunch I made chilli nachos - using the left-overs from dinner the night before.

We then went into town I wanted to head to a specialist cookery shop to get some goodies for Halloween. I am making cupcakes and I got Halloween cases, orange colouring to dye the cake mix before cooking and lovely little charms to decorate the cakes.
I will post pictures tomorrow when I have my camera.

Saturday night we met up with friends in Glasgow for a take away curry, a few drinks (not me I was the driver) and a catch up! It was a lovely night, very relaxed and nice.

Yesterday, was just a fabulous day. Again we got up early (9am after having had an extra hours sleep, as our clocks went back on Saturday night/Sunday morning) I went straight to do the food shopping for the week and my bf went and got some wok out of the way.
The rest of the day was spent doing nothing much. We did some laundry, some ironing, listed some things on eBay and ate lunch. For the rest of the afternoon early evening we watched movies on DVD - Walk The Line and Monster-In-Law. I microwaved a huge bowl of popcorn and we just lounged about.
As it was the first night that it was dark early we had a very wintery dinner of Sausage and mashed potato (sweet) with onion gravy. It was great.

I have no outfit pictures as I have worn yoga pants, a t-shirt and a hoodie on both days! It was a great weekend of doing nothing!

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