Thursday, 2 October 2008


I got up a bit later than I should have this morning, but thankfully I had my outfit planned already. As I walk to and from work I decided to drive to the shop after I had my breakfast with my "Trick or Treat" cauldron. I could not think of a way that I could have gotten it there otherwise. In the end I am glad that I just took it in the car as it has been windy here all day and all of the tissue and crepe paper bits would have torn or blown off!

I am not too happy with my picture today as I think it looks like I have a tummy (well a large tummy under the dress) but I did not get a chance to take another as the fitting room has been getting used all afternoon!

Today's outfit is:

Green all over print dress - Vila
Black patterned tights - Tesco
Black cami - Primark
Black patent ballet flats - Nine West


Anonymous said...

I really like this dress with the tights. I'm wearing green today too :)

Londyn said...

I think you look adorable!