Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Wednesday 02.09.


I did get my hair done yesterday, but I got soaked on my way to work today and it is now not looking the best!

On Monday when I was off work Bista and I had a day of lounging on the sofa. I did some chores that were needing done and the rest of the time we just watched movies and snoozed. We watched Turner and Hooch (I loved this movie when I was younger and it turns out that I still do) and Sex and the City Movie.

Today's look is one taken straight from Sex and the City. I love the comfort of a jersey dress and how they still look smart when worn the right way - in my case my fabulous shoe boots and a string of faux pearls!

Today's outfit is:

Black jersey dress - Ann Taylor Loft
Grey cardigan - Vila
Black shoe boots - Armani Exchange
Faux pearls - eBay


Kristen said...

I will copying that look ASAP. Love it!

Kimberly said...

Great ankle booties and I love the long single strand of pearls!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Those boots make your legs look soooo long.

Milly said...

love those booties!

Honeybunches of Roses said...

I love dresses that you can dress up or down, this is a keeper...and great job on the accessories, you do look very chic!

Kyla said...

Those shoes are AWESOME!

FunkyJunkJewellery said...

Morning! Love your new hair - rain or no rain! Also your look at the moment is ROCKIN! Shoe-boots I always think should have a funky name like shoots or booes!! Y'know, like 'jeggings' for jean leggings! *shudder*

Can't believe we both have funky short hair and are west coast divas! Hope the shop's busy, you fab-looking lady you! I wish I lived nearer cos too often boutiques are owned by old farts so it's so cool that you have yours! YAY!

Lins x

Lini said...

I adore those booties!!!