Saturday, 12 September 2009

Saturday 12.09.


I am having one of those days and it is not even 11am yet!!
First of all the dog was up and wanting out and 5.45am, she then would not go back to sleep. I ended up being all out of sorts and running late. When I got to work I realised that I had left the laptop at home, so I had to turn around and get it!
I am positive that the day is going to get better from this point on!!

So, on another note..........


As I mentioned I have had lots of deliveries of autumn and winter styles this week. I just could not hold out on wearing some of the new styles any longer!! These trousers are a lovely soft brushed cotton and the top is just fabulous!! I just adore the pink and orange together!!

Today's outfit is:

Stripe polo neck - BlendShe @ i am.....
Navy trousers - BlendShe @ i am.....
Orange wedges - Next


Honeybunches of Roses said...

how fun to try out the new envious :)

Sher said...

Love those fall colors too! Hope your day gets better (hugs)

FunkyJunkJewellery said...

Polo neck is here... you have officially declared it autumn now! I think autumn might be my favourite season - not only was I born then (which I swear has something to do with it) but you get to bring on the tights, scarves, toasty coats and dark evenings - yay!

I've been looking at the new collections on your wonderful FACEBOOK page (plug plug) and I want all of them!! Haha!

Naughty Bista getting up at 5.45 but I think you pulled off work chich well. In my 9-5 job I can't really wear big heels/wedges as I do a lot of walking/dashing about so I am always jealous of people who can!

Lins x

Kari said...

The trousers look like they fit great, and it's wonderful to have pants that are so comfortable. You look great in a turtleneck too, and the bright colors are fabulous together.

God Made Me fuNky said...

love the colors of the look so cute