Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Tuesday 01.09.


I am only in work for a few hours and then I am off to have lunch with my sister, get my hair done and buy new styles for the shop. It is going to be a long day but a good one! I am so excited to be getting my hair done - I hate the stage that it is at just now!

It is always to hot and sticky in the showroom so I like to dress with as few layer as possible! I love the details on this top, the coloured crochet is all over the back of this top making it nice and cool!


Today's outfit is:

Jeans -french Connection
Cami - Primark
Top - Topshop
Orange wedges - Next


Clare said...

Ooh, love the blouse and SO JEALOUS of the shoes!!

Kristen said...

You look adorable, and the detail on that top is really, really pretty. Just made my whole morning!

ShopKim said...

Fun shoes! I love the color.

Kimberly said...

That top is too, too cute! Love the orange sandals with it too!

~Hurricane B~ said...

I am so excited. I am going to be going shopping at Primark, TopShop and Matalan. I leave for London tommorow, been there twice but never for more than just a day. I am for sure going to Oxford street.

I love orange on you. Hope you have an awesome day getting your hair done.

Sher said...

still love that blouse!

God Made Me fuNky said...

beautiful top, love the neckline. lovely shoes...love the color. they bring out the orange of the top

Kari said...

I love the detail/embroidery on that top.

I actually think your hair looks great, but I know how it is when it just *feels* too grown out. You have such a gorgeous face and the short hair really shows it off well.