Saturday, 15 August 2009

Saturday 15.08.

I am seriously lacking in accessories today. And do you know what? It is not even my fault!

Bit of a long story, but here goes. My bf went out with the boys for a few drinks last night, at around 3 am he came in let the dog out and then woke me when he came into the bedroom. Fast forward to this morning at 6.15am when I got up with Bista and let her out (well I coaxed and forced her to go out in the pouring rain). I then fed her and took her upstairs to try and get her to snuggle for just a bit longer.

Anyway, I was up with her until it was time to go for my shower and get ready. At this point I asked my bf to make sure that he looked after her and let her out when she needed. All was well and then I went to get my necklace etc when I noticed a very sheepish Bista and a sleeping bf. That was when I noticed it............. The wet patch on the bed!!!!

So there you go, when I should have been getting my accessories together and packing my bag I was shouting at my bf for not taking the dog out and putting bedding in the laundry!! Not only did I forget to pick my accessories up, but I was really running late!

Today's outfit is:

Cream vintage look lace dress - Vila
Black cropped cardigan - Primark
Shoes - Nine West

I am off to Manchester in the morning, for a few days on a buying trip. I will be back on Wednesday - hopefully with some outfit pictures.

Have a good weekend guys!


Fell4fashion said...

Great dress and I LOVE those shoes!!! Did you get them recently???

Kyla said...

That's the worst! Iggy has definitely had that accident a couple of times. It's worse when it's at night and all you want to do is go to sleep.
Despite all the chaos, you look adorable! I love that dress!

God Made Me fuNky said...

love the dress...and the shoes

~Hurricane B~ said...

I love those NIne West shoes, I still think you looked great. Poor puppy could not hold it. Your bf is lucky she did not pee on him. that would have been funny,

Milly said...

Pretty dress!

eednic said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE your lace dress! it's so lovely you don't even need accessories!! sorry about the puppy accident.